Nordic Venture Capital

Are you an entrepreneur, startup, small or midsized company in Denmark, Finland, Norway,Iceland or Sweden looking for growth or investment money? Nordic V.C is your guide to business funding and financing in the Nordic area.

Investors are always on the lookout for outstanding management and entrepreneurs that demonstrate that they are committed to building world beating companies. On this page you will find information about investment criteria for startups set by venture capitalists and the best way to write a business plan, as well as resources and links to business funding and financing platforms in the different Nordic countries.

Funding & Financing

Investment criteria

When investors decide upon an investment, they use certain criteria to assure that the get the most out of their invested money. .

Some of them needs to be fulfilled prior to investment from business angels or capital investment bankers, others are expected to be achieved during the period of funding.

Investors will also look specifically on the management team which preferably consists of professionally capable people. What have they been doing prior to this startup? Have they achieved success before? Are they deeply committed to the project? Do they have a true entrepreneurial spirit, a shared vision and broad knowledge of the industry?

7 investment assessment criterias

  1. Products or services are offered and sold in a sizeable and rapidly growing market segment.
  2. Products or services are very innovative and have a sustainable competitive advantage and a high barrier to entry.
  3. The business concept and/or technology will soon be ready for successful patent filing if it is not already patented or in the process of being patented.
  4. The new products or services clearly address and solve critical industry or consumer concerns in a very appealing way.
  5. The business model has the potential to achieve strong international revenue growth and profitability.
  6. The investment has the opportunity for a full exit through an IPO or trade sale.
  7. The valuation of the company is favourable in light of the current market conditions.

Business Plan

Make sure to put some extra effort in when you are creating a business plan, this document alone will likley have a greater impact on how others will view your newly established business then any thing else.

How to write a business plan

Here is an outline you follow when you are writing your business plan:

  • Executive summary
  • Description of the product, service or idea
  • Management team
  • Structure of organisation and administration
  • Marketing plan
  • Market and market growth
  • Competitors
  • Risks
  • Budget
  • Financing options
  • Timetable
Be concise

In today's media landscape it can be very hard to get noticed let alone getting really heard. Thats why it's extremly important to write your business plan in a manner which makes it easy to understand. Rule of thumb; it should be short and precise.

Start by indicating clearly the market category into which your business concept falls, for example telecom, media, financing or e-business and focus on the key aspects of your business.

Investors will consider many factors when they make their selection of companies to invest in, so don't be afraid to include specific examples, graphics and other supporting material. We always recommend that you write and submitt your business plan in English, rather then in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Danish.

Test it out!

Before you consider sending your plan to anybody, it's a great idea to put it under review, you could for example ask a trusted colleague or co-worker to give you some feedback. In this way you will make sure that you have worked out your plan thoroughly. See also our list of recommended literature for suggestions.